"you can just go ahead and keep making your own lunches" "okay" i’m making progress on this adult thing my mother was not the least bit surprised when i didn’t put up a stink about that

if i see saw on what i want to read one more time s2g

posted on July 27th

i’m trying not to be too pressed about working 28 hours in a row this week since it’s my second to last week at the job but still ugh

posted on July 27th
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"every time you baby squirrel ezra, you’re taking away his nuts."

"you did not just say that."

"i did. but i don’t think i meant to."

quote by langston hughes

painful marital encounters brought to you by vic and sean.

LIT MEME [01/08] otps → thalia grace x luke castellan
"the last time she appeared, she led me to you."

LIT MEME [01/08] otps → thalia grace x luke castellan

"the last time she appeared, she led me to you."

ok tumblr don’t tell me i have a message when i don’t over the course of today messages have become very important to me that’s not cool

posted on July 27th

What Hollywood truly wants is for people to be themselves. I think what it’s designed for is to kind of turn people into something and just make them saleable. But what it really stands for, what it really loves, are people who are unafraid to be themselves, and as you can see, these are people who are excelling in their careers.

"The nymph forced Queen Juno 
To cast on her a spell 
And rid the poor, young Echo 
Of her awful voice from hell. 

Now all that she can say 
Is that which others have said 
And never now, again 
The thoughts within her head. “

now reading: the girls of no return by erin saldin

(s2g i was reading a nancy drew and then i went to change my #currentlyreading on goodreads and i saw the title and remembered what i’d read of the prologue and just … this is what happens when i finish a book in a favorite series i flop around like a fish from one book to the other for about 48 hours it’s normal)

posted on July 27th