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uhhhhhhm. arrow, hart of dixie, bitten?

arrow is about oliver queen who got stranded on an island with his dad who before he died told ollie about bad people back home and when ollie got back he became a vigilante (who only just started wearing a mask jeez ollie) and he has two friends diggle and felicity who help and his sister thea likes the kid named roy and laurel is his love interest but she’s pretty busy with her punk sister

hart of dixie is about … zoe?? anyway she’s a doctor and moves to this super tiny town and there’s a guy named wade and a girl named lemon and that’s all i’ve got

bitten is based on a book series i discovered this recently!!! elena is the only female to survive becoming a werewolf and she doesn’t like hanging out with other wolves but she has to BLAME CANADA i’m out

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Do you watch/read game of thrones?

um okay so there’s this land called westeros and it used to be ruled by one guy but he died probably and now a bunch of different families are fighting to be in charge the lannisters are p bad but lbr nobody on this show is pure or anything STARKS ARE GREAT and also khaleesi also it’s never a good idea to get married the last two ended poorly

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why is my mind going blank about shows you don't watch. ummm you don't watch the office right?

the office is a paper supply company and they’re being filmed for a documentary series on god knows what and there’s two employees who dance around their love for each other and another one that’s tired of your racism and one lady is really into cats and then dwight is really paranoid and also loves beets (this isn’t osmosis i just know becki)

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tell me about sons of anarchy

um it’s a big hamlet archetype right? or the lion king? motorcycles and bearded men and that guy from justified is actually a girl WOMEN ARE FRIDGED i’m running on empty here oh the gang is called samcro maybe??

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what if ppl that die in the ocean become mermaids

please write a book

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what if there was a book that splattered blood at you every time a character died

reading The Hunger Games would be a huge fucking mess


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test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can

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Happy 16th Birthday Elle Fanning! (April 9th)